How to Configure Email Account Outlook 2016

1- Open Outlook 2016 on your Computer.

2- Go to File > Add Account.

3- Click on manually configure an account.

4- Click on POP3 or IMAP.

5- Now fill out this information.

6- Write your full name in your name box.

7- Write your email address.

8- Select account type, POP3 only sync your inbox and leave a copy on the server. But IMAP sync all mail folders, if you delete any email it will also be deleted from the server.

9- Write your domain name in the Incoming and Outgoing server box.

10- Write your email address again in the user name box.

11- Write your email password in the password box.

12- Click on the More Settings button.

13- Here click on the Outgoing Server tab, and check on the box My outgoing server (SMTP).

14- Now click on the Advanced Tab Incoming port will be 110 and the outgoing port will be 465 with SSL encryption.

15- Click on the OK button.

16- Now click on Test Account Settings.

17- Click on Yes if it gives an SSL warning.

18- Click on the Close button.

19- Click on the Next button, the account will perform testing once again.

20- Your account has been configured successfully.

21- Click on send / Receive button to retrieve all your emails from the server.

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