Price revision for .COM Domain

  • 2nd August 2022
Due to an increase in cost set by Verisign, there will be an upcoming domain price increase for .COM domains. Domain Name Registries, such as Verisign, reserve the right to modify, change, or discontinue any aspect of its services, including prices. The price revision is due to an increase in the cost of the domain from the applicable registry and ...
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Important: Price increase for domains

  • 8th July 2022
We would like to inform you of price changes on our domain prices & our email offerings. We’ve taken measures to offer improved stability, scalability & redundancy, by migrating our servers to a new data centre. With this migration, we now have more control over our servers, while also minimizing dependency and impact from any ...
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Terms & Condition Update

  • 23rd June 2022
Important: Dear Customer, please note some key points to remember regarding your payment. Please pay your invoice/s before the due date, if you don't pay on time then the next day your service will be suspended. After 20 days of non-payment, your service will be terminated. Restoration charges will be $25 for each account of hosting after ...
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Branded SMS Discontinued

  • 22nd June 2022
Due to the current PTA policy about Branded SMS services, We have decided to discontinue Branded/Mask SMS service from 1st July 2022.Because Brand/Mask SMS is treated as a Marketing SMS, the receiver can easily block your Mask SMS. That means Marketing Service can be blocked from the customer end and customers will not receive any branded SMS from ...
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