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In today’s IT world, organizations depends on their server infrastructure more than before. The foundation of IT functions includes data storage, website hosting, security, backup, emails, softwares and server management. A proper IT functionality is very important to keep things in order and working.
This requires administrations and IT technicians can access the hardware and software for making necessary repairs, configurations, updates etc.

What is Server Management?

Server Management is about having access or control the servers in order to perform different types of administrative tasks for instance hardware, software, security, and backups. It also includes monitoring the server, optimizing it and help to improve the performance.
The primary goals of an efficient server management are:
1- Minimize the downtime, and keep up the server reliability.
2- Build secure server environments.
3- Ensure the server performance and meet the needs of organizations as they expands.

What is Virtual Server?

Just like a typical server that runs on a single machine, a virtual server allows different servers to hosted on piece of hardware. Virtual servers increases the efficiency by providing more work with less hardware. (VM)s can be a bit more complex than to manage the physical servers. Same management priciples applies on Virtual Machines as they applied on traditional server management.

Server Management with eHostPK (PVT) Limited

eHostPK (PVT) Limited provides remote tools to operating totally in the backgorund providing IT organizations a set of server management options and capabilities. These includes secure remote access servers, the ability to detect issues through a technician’s actions or through automation, updating, configurations, patch operating systems and third party applications.

What We do for Efficient Server Management

Software & OS Updates Installation

– Regularly updating the OS and installed software, keeping server tuned up.
– Installing appropriate software to protecting server from viruses & spam
– Installing & managing web hosting control panels like (cPanel, DirectAdmin etc.)
– Installing additional software on demand.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

– The proactive monitoring help us to instantly detect any deviation from the norm. We monitored the service 24x7x365 at 5 minutes intervals. In case the problem is not resolved within 10 minutes, server sends the message to the owner to alert them for the problem.
– We ensure the server safety, first of all by settings the security and conduct periodic audits afterwards.

Analysis & Optimization

– Optimize servers to get maximum performance and productivity.
– Analyzing the server performance to detect strengths and weakness.
– Constantly analyzing market to offer our customers with the most efficient technology and products.

The Main Components of Server Management

eHostPK (PVT) Limited provides remote tools to operating totally in the backgorund providing IT organizations a set of server management options and capabilities. These includes secure remote access servers, the ability to detect issues through a technician’s actions or through automation, updating, configurations, patch operating systems and third party applications.

Hardware Management

Monitor your key hardware components, from CPUs to Memory (RAM), to ensure good server performance.

Software Management

Ensure software, firmware, and operating systems are regularly updated.


Implementing security measures like antivirus software, firewalls, access control, and data encryptions.


Whether you use cloud or physical storage, backup data regularly and have recovery plan in first place.

Server Management Plan

We are 24/7 available to ensure uniterrupted performance for your servers.

Get absolute peace of mind with our server management service. Includes proactive monitoring, support requests, security management. Perfect choice for those who are looking for a complete solution with experienced server management team.


eHostPK Server Management



Supported Systems

We support good range of popular server configurations. Our team is trained and expert to gives you the best server management service.

Operating Systems

The server must be running one of these operating systems during its current life cycles:

Control Panel

The server must be running at least one of these control panels:

Virtualization Platforms

The server must be running either bare metal, or one of these virtualization platforms:

Plans & Prices

What's different between plans?

Here's the comparison chart to pick the correct hosting plan based on your needs and budget.


$ 49.90 Monthly
  • 24x7 server monitoring at 5 minute intervals
  • Immediate response and intervention during an outage


$ 100.00 Monthly
  • Unlimited Server Support Requests
  • Port Monitoring
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Proactive Security Patching


$ 5.00 Monthly
  • Our server experts are familiar with the most widely used applications.
  • Contact our support team for a custom quote and we will find the best managed service for you.

Unsure About Which Server Management
Plan Would Best Suit You?

Check Now What's The Best Plan for You

Benefits of Server Management

There are many benefits to trusting your server management needs to eHostPK (PVT) Limited. Any server that demands 99% uptime and optimal performance deserves a managed services plan.

Reduced Cost

Choosing eHostPK (PVT Limited) Linux server management package means your worry free, about your server management.

Peace of Mind

Know that, eHostPK’s trusted professionals actively monitoring your server by 24 hours a day.

Increased Uptime

If there is a system outage, our server administrators immediately take action and try to bring your site back online as quickly as possible.

Experinced Server Experts

We only provide services that we are experts in. This ensures you that our administrators are there to support you at any time.

Still Got Questions?

We have precise answers.
1Do you provide server monitoring services?

Yes, we do provide server monitoring services. We monitor all ports actively common ports as well as custom ports.

2What is the cost of server managment service?
3Which server issues are included in server management plans?

Our full server management services in the SM II plan includes unlimited support requests. We will provide server support for any of our supported applications and Operating Systems. We will perform routine maintenance and system updates on the server, as well as auditing for security issues.

4Do your managed services support Windows Server?

We are not currently give service for Windows Server management. We support CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, and Debian in our plans.

5Do I need a eHostPK server to purchase managed services?

You can order server management plan for a server that is not hosted with us. You can also order a managed server from us if you prefer to keep your services like hosting and management in one place. With a eHostPK hosted server, we will have direct access to any hardware failures without having to rely on a third-party data center.

6What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Local Bank Transfer, Easy Paisa, Visa Master Card, Paypal.

7What kind of support do you provide to your customers?

For our customer’s convenience, we provide a wide array of helpful resources. Use these resources not only to help you get started but also for ongoing support. You can begin by accessing our Resource Center for useful tools like how-to videos, small business webinars, blogs, and user guides.You can also use our support ticket system. Need more help? Our technical support is available 24/7.

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