We are committed to offering you high quality service; thanks to a 4 Tbit/s anti-DDoS capacity, we are able to intercept over 2,000 DDoS attacks per day and around 20 major attacks every week, with no impact on your business.

But the war against DDoS is also a race against time. Today, we are still one step ahead but we need to keep up with state of the art innovation so that our services remain accessible in the face of DDoS attacks that are becoming more and more prevalent and sizeable.

This is why we have decided to charge for this service as a way to go even further in securing our network for your protection. The price will be included by default in every eligible solution.

These price changes are affecting both new and existing customers and our website now displays the adjusted prices on all new orders.

For on-going eHostPK services, the new Anti-DDoS pricing will come into effect on December 1, 2017.

Service Name Current Price New Price
Intel Xeon 16 GB 12500 13500
Intel Xeon 32 GB 13500 14500
Intel Xeon 64 GB 17500 18500

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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