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Why Choose Offshore Hosting?

offshore hosting

Offshore Hosting is servers located outside the US where hosting companies don’t have to worry about DMCA notices and copyrighted content. Offshore Hosting doesn’t let you escape the law at all times either. The reasons for choosing to Offshore Hosting are as varied as the people that own the individual websites but usually break down into two main categories of cost and technology. Businesses in countries like the United States and the UK will contract out their hosting needs to companies in developing countries in order to benefit from the reduced operating costs in these countries. Businesses in developing countries choose to employ web hosts in countries like the United States and the UK due to the high degree of security and reliability that hosting in a developed country provides them.

Businesses that operate in areas that are prone to natural disasters can take advantage of offshore hosting to prevent the loss of their servers and critical data in the event of catastrophe. They can host entirely in another country or just mirror their servers in order to provide a reliable backup for any of their sensitive material. Offshore hosting provides an excellent method for backing up data for companies that aren’t prone to natural disasters as well.

Many times, you will be able to find hardware selections that are more to your liking with an offshore hosting provider. While offshore hosting companies provide the same basic hosting packages as their homegrown counterparts, the differences in available hardware can be staggering as offshore providers tend to be much more inclined to offer you customization choices in hardware configuration rather than just offering a few predetermined hardware setups. This can often result in you getting a better quality server at a lower price by going offshore.

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